Daniel Lightfoot


After earning a degree in Cinematography from the Valencia Film Program in Orlando, FL, Daniel started his photography career working alongside top-tier industry professionals at Disney Creative Media and, more recently, Disney's in-house ad agency: Yellow Shoes Creative Group. For the past few years, Daniel has worked hard and seen success at building his own name in the community here in Orlando Florida and enjoys traveling abroad working with companies and brands of all sizes.


Over the past 8 years, Daniel has had the opportunity of photographing a variety of subject matter. Whether he's tasked with capturing the essence of a new product or telling the story of a person's life, Daniel is able to cater creativity and professional service to the most demanding situations. Every photo shoot is centered around the client to fit their needs and most importantly, their story.

Currently located in Orlando, FL   --   Willing to travel worldwide

407.375.1416   |   daniel.lightfoot.fl@gmail.com
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