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From the time I was 14, I knew I wanted every day to be something new, something challenging, something memorable. For me, that is capturing moments and creating inspiring imagery with my camera.

As I grew up, I watched old movies, wrote music, and met a lot of different people. These elements gave me a perspective on life that I still have today. Life is beautiful, even when it isn’t.

I went to film school and in 2012, I graduated with a degree in Cinematography from Valencia College, a college described as "one of the best film schools in the country" by Steven Spielberg. This unique school allows students to not only get an academic education of the history of film and how things work on set, but actual, real-life experience on actual movie and television productions. I've worked on a variety of feature films, short films, TV Pilots and Music videos learning not only how things work but also gaining the perspective of the veterans in the industry.

In 2011, I joined the team at Disney Creative Media and Disney Fine Art Photography learning from PPA certified Master Photographer Rick Ferro and working with some of the best Wedding and Portrait photographers in the industry. Through the years, I was able to gain an education that I feel I would have never received so extensively anywhere else.

Early on in my time at Disney, I fell in love with light and became obsessed with understanding how and why it works. Learning from my mentors at Disney as well as other acclaimed photographers like Joe McNally, Tony Corbell and Jerry Ghionis, I began experimenting and working with new innovative ways to enhance the creative design with lighting in my photos.

I quickly progressed through different levels of responsibility and have been a Lead Photographer for over 3 years working almost every day on a wide variety of photoshoots as a Lead Photographer. I’ve had the unique and exciting experience of being a personal photographer to people from all over the world: from couples and families to VIP’s like Prince Fahad of Saudi Arabia, NBA All-Star Magic Johnson, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, just to name a few.

From Weddings, to Portraits, to Marketing, to Event Documentation, I learned so much about lighting, posing, and camera technique and I hope to never stop learning! On every shoot, I challenge myself to push the envelope with my creativity. As the youngest photographer at Disney Creative Media and Disney Fine Art Photography, I am so humbled and honored to be working there as a Lead Photographer. But now, I want to extend that experience to you through Cinematic Dreams Photography!

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